Eagles Mere Conservancy

The Eagles Mere Conservancy is located in Eagles Mere, PA.

The Eagles Mere Conservancy preserves natural resources through land  acquisition for water and soil conservation, wildlife sanctuary and refuge, and  preservation of scenic beauty in Eagles Mere, PA and the surrounding area. The  Conservancy promotes educational and recreational programs to support its preservation mission and to encourage an understanding, appreciation and responsible stewardship of natural resources.

We are stewards of the land.

Green today – Greener tomorrow.

Arbor Day

“This photo shows just one of the volunteer work crews in Eagles Mere on May 23, as the Eagles Mere Shade Tree Commission and the Eagles Mere Conservancy joined up for tree planting, trail and woodland projects throughout the community.”

Our Identity:  Who are we?  The Conservancy is a community organization valued for being actively supportive of all environmental, forest management/reforestation and urban forest activities in and around Eagles Mere.  All aspects of our Stewardship are managed by a self-perpetuating board of trustees guided by three core values – Awareness, Respect and Responsibility.


Our actions: What we do is made up of activities and programs focused on three areas:

  • Preservation – land acquisition and maintenance, reforestation and hiking trail maintenance.
  • Education – programs for children and adults, periodic communiques and forums related to environmental concerns.
  • Recreation – forest rambles, hikes, and educational walks.

Five guiding principles underlie our planning:

  • We honor our fiduciary responsibility to hold the land in trust.
  • What we do is bigger than the organization.  “What is best for Eagles Mere?” will always be the operative question.
  • We are attentive to community inquiry concerning our business and actions.
  • We strive to earn the title “Trustworthy Steward” by acting credibly with an eye cast toward future generations.
  • We are apolitical.