2012 Newsletter

Dear Conservancy Members and Friends:

Welcome to our 2012 season! As you read through this newsletter, take advantage and enjoy the many events, programs, hikes, and activities that the Conservancy offers.

The New Nature Trail Is Open – Our new and exciting educational Nature Trail is now open!!! Come explore, discover, imagine, create, learn and play along this journey through the woods. Starting at our Cabin near the Outlet Pond, the Nature Trail is a multi-generational, year-round resource open to everyone to enjoy. Following a theme of “Wisdom begins in wonder,” (a quote from Socrates), the Nature Trail seeks to educate, stimulate and entertain people of all ages. Since the Trail is in close proximity to the Cabin (so no one can get lost), it is an easy hike that can be up to a half mile journey based on the routing one takes.

What will you find on the Nature Trail? Over fifteen educational, interpretative nodes where one can:

  • explore what it is like to live underground,
  • try and find the many animals, bugs, insects, birds and wildlife who live in our woods,
  • appreciate the importance of our Outlet Pond, Lake and the flow of water,
  • learn how our forest naturally renews itself while it faces many challenges to diversify,
  • recognize leaves, trees, animal prints and rock formations,
  • make music on instruments made of natural materials,
  • let out your inner creativity in our hands-on art area,
  • understand the diverse changes in elevation and our surrounding geology,
  • relive the history of the Eagles Mere Railroad,
  • relax and meditate in the Rock Garden formation,
  • enjoy the peaceful, beautiful, natural setting offered by Mother Nature.

An Enhanced Destination – The Nature Trail is part of a broader effort to establish the Outlet Pond and Conservancy Cabin area as an Eagles Mere destination for families, friends, and visitors. There is now improved parking, more available information about  Conservancy events and programs, new hiking trail maps, additional benches to rest and meditate, and fun areas for kids to explore.

Community Support – This collective effort is possible due to the generous support of a number of Conservancy members and is in cooperation with both the Eagles Mere Association (EMA) and the Eagles Mere Athletic Association (EMAA). I want to personally thank the Eagles Mere community for the support and enthusiasm. Developing a Vision for the Future – The Conservancy, thanks to you our members and the leadership of your Board, is in good financial condition, offers an exciting mix of educational programs, owns and maintains nearly 400 acres of land and hiking trails, annually plants trees and shrubs within our forest stewardship program, and has a vibrant, growing membership. However, our success tomorrow is only as good as our plans today, because “if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”

Within Eagles Mere there are many opportunities to leverage such as greater cooperative spirit among our many organizations, a strong commitment to preserving our rich heritage and a growing community full of talented people. However, we also face challenges including natural gas, invasive insects, potential development of parcels of land, and protection of our natural resources. That is why your Board has formed a Long Range Planning Committee to help identify our 3-5 year goals, priorities and objectives. As part of this effort, Conservancy members will also be asked for their ideas and suggestions. The intent is to communicate to our membership at our annual meeting August 12th the results of this Long Range Planning effort and the vision your Conservancy has for the future. As we embark on this effort, I admire the words of Laurance S. Rockefeller:

“How we treat our land, how we build upon it,
How we act toward our air and water,
Will in the long run tell
What kind of people we really are.”

Thank You for Your Support – Thank you for your membership participation and financial support. With your generous help, the Conservancy is able to do what we do. Not already a member? Join the nearly 300 members who support the Conservancy. Please refer to page 15 of this Newsletter for further membership details. We are stewards of the land … Green today – Greener tomorrow.

Enjoy and appreciate Eagles Mere, as you help us all preserve and protect this wonderful place,
Steve Ryan

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