Forest Stewardship

The goal of the Forest Stewardship program is to preserve the integrity of the naturally occurring plant life within the lands owned by the Eagles Mere Conservancy.  This task has a four-fold approach:

  • Monitoring the health of the trees
  • Identifying areas in need of supplemental plantings
  • Removal of invasive plant species
  • Planting of indigenous species to enhance the forest habitat.

The forestry program of the Eagles Mere Conservancy is based on a strong commitment to restoring the health and diversity of its two forested tracts.  Our 380 acres of protected forest adjoin the Loyalsock State Forest, with which we share a network of woodland trails to hike and enjoy.

One goal is to increase the diversity of the forest by establishing a variety of young trees and food-bearing shrubs.  We focus on songbird habitat, which is much improved inside our very successful 41-acre deer fence that includes both natural and planted trees and shrubs.  Here, a variety of healthy plants are now growing without the excessive browsing by deer that has removed so many wildflowers and shrubs outside our fences.

By monitoring the health and development of the forest, we identify areas that need attention.  The removal of invasive plants, where needed, is followed by planting suitable native trees and woodland shrubs.   We are making steady progress and we continue to respond to new challenges.  Recently, Conservancy members planted 500 evergreen tree seedlings underneath hemlocks that are in decline due to a new insect infestation.  This and various other plantings over the past several years are part of the Conservancy’s commitment to the future of Eagles Mere and its forests.  In this way, we continue to take steps to protect and enrich the land that has been entrusted to us.